All learning should be accessible, engaging, & enduring

Trifoia is a team of content developers, instructional designers, technology experts, media producers, and researchers who create and evaluate custom training and digital learning solutions that are accessible, engaging, and enduring.

Almost 20 years of experience working with leaders and visionaries in education and behavioral science has given us a unique understanding of how product design, storytelling, and technology can be used to educate, train, and inspire. Our rigorous program evaluations ensure that what we produce has the impact you expect.

When you work with Trifoia, our team becomes your team.

Adam Wendt


Teressa Trusty

Director of Research & Design

Liz Martin

Director of Production & Operations

Galen Mittermann

Director of Sales & Finance

Michelle Baumann

Proposal Coordinator

Jordan Pennefather


Laura Strobel

Video Editor

Juan Alvarez

Brand Manager

Vangie LaRoque


Tony Jimenez

Lead Instructional Designer

Alieta Herrera-Train

Software Developer

Daniel Blasher

Digital Project Manager

Sam Fittipaldi

Business Development Manager

Elise Crum

Account Manager