Current Projects

Autism Parent Trainer: Online coaching for parents of children with autism

This project will use online communication and collaboration platforms to provide parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders with information, resources, training and support.


Efficacy testing of We Have Skills! A Multimedia Classroom Skills Program to Promote the Academic Success of Elementary Students

This project is a 4-year study focused on testing the efficacy of a fully developed classroom intervention called We Have Skills! (WHS), a multimedia curriculum that delivers classroom behavior lessons directly to students, K-3.


Mis Hijos y Yo: A Media Based Culturally Relevant Parenting Education for Divorced Latino Families

This project will produce and evaluate a culturally relevant multimedia-based parenting education course for Latino families experiencing separation and divorce delivered via a pre-loaded tablet for use at home that stores data until it can connect to a WiFi or cellular connection.


Literacy Study Group for Teachers of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

This project will develop a web-based professional development intervention designed to assist special education teachers in delivering high-quality reading instruction to elementary school students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD).


In ollaboration with University of Washington, Tacoma

Student Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility for School Safety

This project will develop, test, and evaluate a comprehensive student-centered, technology-based school safety framework for high school students designed to increase students' resilience to victimization.


In collaboration University of Oregon

ESCALA: Escuela y Carrera Latina/Latino School and Career

The goal of the project is to improve Latino students’ college readiness with training in how to meet specific milestones along the path towards college readiness.


A Missing Link to a Better Tomorrow: Developing Health Literacy in Transition-Age Youth with High-Incidence Disabilities

Project Description: This project will develop and test a web-based Health Literacy Transition Curriculum designed to promote positive health, communicative, functional, and occupational transition outcomes in secondary students with high-incidence disabilities (i.e., behavioral disorders [BD] and learning disabilities [LD]). As a subaward on this project, Trifoia is providing web and media development to support the intervention.


In collaboration with University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Project ReACT: Neutralizing the Effects of Implicit Bias on Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline

This project seeks to reduce racial/ethnic disproportionality in school discipline and special education referrals. As a subaward on this project, Trifoia will be responsible for scripting, filming, and editing HD-quality videos for use in the training application.


In collaboration with University of Oregon

Evidence-based Parent Training for Adoptive Couples

The goal of this project is to develop an intervention that is designed to provide support and parent education to sexual and gender minority (SGM) parents. The digital learning course will focus on (a) SGM-specific concerns such as promoting their child’s resilience against heteronormative biases and prejudices, gaining acceptance as a family in the community, and building a support network, and (b) instruction on parenting skills in which SGM tailored content and models are used.


Culturally Responsive Stress Reduction: A Mobile Mindfulness Application to Support Health Promotion for African Americans

Project Description: This project will develop a mHealth (mobile health) delivered mindfulness application tailored specifically to the cultural values of the African American community. Current mindfulness approaches to stress management have been unsuccessful in engaging this population. Advances in digital technology will actively lead users through mindfulness exercises to diffuse tension and decrease stress, aiming to reduce the disproportionate burden of stress-related health disparities among African Americans.


The STELLAR Project - Phase 2: Strategies for Technology Enhanced Learning and Literacy through Art

The goal of this project is to develop, test, and refine interactive online training materials and implementation protocols that together provide an easily adoptable, but also intensive and sustained professional development program in evidenced-based strategies for teaching the visual arts in ways that also impact student learning and literacy. As a subaward on this project, Trifoia will provide media production services to support the aims of the project.


In collaboration with University of Oregon

Teacher Education Promoting Reading Readiness (TEPRR)

The goal of the project is to expand access to evidence-based professional development on language and literacy instruction to Head Start teachers working across a wide range of settings. As a contractor on this project, Trifoia will provide media and software assets that OR BIS will use in implementing and evaluating the TEPPR research study, including video production, website and mobile application development, and graphic design support.


In collaboration with Oregon Research Behavioral Intervention Strategies (ORBIS)

Padres Preperados


Latino Divorce


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